We aim to bring both quality and fun games to the market that people like to play.

Mark de Haan (Writer/Coder/developer)

As a developer in Unity3D I have been working on delivering games by my self for several years now. Finding creative ways to use mechanics in a different way, but also improving the existing genres with more immersive gameplay, has been my main goal. Having more limited qualities in graphical representation does limit the marketability of even the best ideas. This is why the complementary relationship in QuantM Labs is such a strong one.

Mark Stoffels (Writer/Design/Modeler/Artist Generale)

Hi My Name is Mark Stoffels and I Am a Passionate 2D and 3D Game Art Designer and love to make storytelling artwork. My Passion is focused on all Artwork from Character design to Prop design, Level design and Music. Over the years I’ve worked with several great artists and all sorts of projects. After Meeting Mark de Haan we’ve discovered instantly that our interests and Passion regarding game development and games Are mutual. Together we strive to make sure all Artwork and Development in Our games meet the highest enjoyment and are produced with the best quality and efficiency as well as dynamics and mechanics. Combining our skills we always Keep the bar high for delivering the best game play experience.