For a game plenty of stuff must be done. From the conceptualization of the idea for a game to the marketing and support of the game.

Currently we are working on one game primarily, but have set 4 others in motion with 3 working prototypes. How does that work? Most important is to keep focus.

Making list for all sorts of stuff, but for a studio that is more than 1 person, communication is key. In our case our areas of expertise are pretty well defined, so we don’t course in eachother’s waters. This is good and can be bad (in our case it is actually a energizing synergy), as it will keep you from interfering with the other’s work or decisions, but can cause misunderstanding as jargon can differ and create incorrect expectations.

QuantM Labs is now focussed on finalizing our first release of Gun Rock Mob. A game where 2.5D gets a new meaning and the interaction is explosive.

From a coding perspective there are some challenges, like taking the dimensions into account on some occasions, but not on others. From a graphical/audio perspective, the challenges are regarding impression and impact.

Old render of ingame image.