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Quant M Labs

About Us

QuantM Labs is currently a two heads counting team. A graphical designer/musician/writer/modeler/FX creator and a developer.

What we Do

Our aim is to deliver several of our game ideas with the quality we expect from games we play and that we think we are capable of.


Graphical Artist




Love to play with water? Try your hands on our new liquid firing tanks!

Shamazon Legends

Shamazon Legends Shamazon Legends is a new game we released. A small simple game...or is it? Try to time the patterns and colors to match. Can you get all the coins within the time? Alumbra is a shaman that made a little mistake. One of his voodoo spells put him...


Sparkles is a game created for the 2021 Game Dev TV Game Jam.

Bacon Boost Reboosted

Bacon Boost Reboosted is the next story in line of Bacon. Bacon is a rocket-powered pig. In Bacon Boost Reboosted he is on a quest. A quest to get his little brother Chop food. Want to play the original? It was only released in beta, but you can find it here: Bacon...


Coming soon. Release date: TBD (2021)


More information soon. Release Date: 2022

Space Mechanic Sam

More information coming soon. Release Date: 2022

Gun Rock Mob

Details coming soon. Expected Release data (beta): 3rd of April 2021