Love to play with water? Try your hands on our new liquid firing tanks!

Shamazon Legends

Shamazon Legends Shamazon Legends is a new game we released. A small simple game...or is it? Try to time the patterns and colors to match. Can you get all the coins within the time? Alumbra is a shaman that made a little mistake. One of his voodoo spells put him...


Sparkles is a game created for the 2021 Game Dev TV Game Jam.

Bacon Boost Reboosted

Bacon Boost Reboosted is the next story in line of Bacon. Bacon is a rocket-powered pig. In Bacon Boost Reboosted he is on a quest. A quest to get his little brother Chop food. Want to play the original? It was only released in beta, but you can find it here: Bacon...


Coming soon. Release date: TBD (2021)


More information soon. Release Date: 2022

Space Mechanic Sam

More information coming soon. Release Date: 2022

Gun Rock Mob

Details coming soon. Expected Release data (beta): 3rd of April 2021